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Amalgam Filling Materials


PROALLOY is a dental silver alloy, rich in silver (70%), free of the corrosive gamma–2 (γ-2) phase (Sn8Hg) and does not contain zinc. It is characterized by its high resistance to corrosion and therefore reduces the risk of marginal fracture. PROALLOY is a single composition alloy, which guarantees that each individual particle is an alloy of exactly the same composition.It consists of fine and ultra fine particles giving a strikingly smooth paste when amalgamated with mercury. Its handling characteristics and resistance to corrosion have included it amongst the best amalgams in the world market.

Chemical Composition

Silver (Ag) 70%, Tin (Sn) 18%, Copper (Cu) 12%

Particle Shape-Spherical

Ratio – Alloy : Hg = 1 : 1.01


Posterior restorations

Characteristics - Advantages

Excellent handling characteristics

High resistance to corrosion

Long lasting luster

Excellent marginal adaptation

High resistance to wear

Technical Data

Compressive strength 1 hour (MPa) 220
Compressive strength 24 hour (MPa) 500
Static creep (%) 0.14
Dimensional change (%) 0.015
Working time 4'30"- 5'00"
Trituration time - Silamat mixer 8"
Item No. Product Description Item No. Product Description
  Proalloy Powder   Proalloy Capsules
100120003 30g 100121005 No.1 x 50
100120005 50g 100122005 No.2 x 50
100120010 100g 100123005 No.3 x 50
100120025 250g 100121050 No.1 x 500
100120050 500g 100122050 No.2 x 500
    100123050 No.3 x 500

Capsule caps are colour coded to distinguish easily the spill sizes

Single Spill / No 1 - Yellow

Double Spill / No 2 - Orange

Triple Spill / No 3 - Red

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