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BONASIL A+ Lab Putty


BONASIL A+ Lab Putty is a vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) high precision, multiple use, laboratory addition curing putty with a mixing ratio of 1:1. It is characterized by its ease of handling and high detail reproduction.


Overcasts in dental laboratories

Casting models

Various dental technical procedures

Characteristics - Advantages

Excellent consistency

Exceptional dimensional stability

Heat resistant

High detail reproduction


Technical Data

Mixing time 30"
Total working time 2'00"
Total setting time 5'30"
Shore A hardness 85
Recovery from deformation (%) >99.5
Linear dimensional change (%) <0.2
Colour Light Blue
BONASIL A+ Lab Putty
Item No. Product Description
210106800 Putty base 400g, Putty catalyst 400g, scoops
210106001 Putty base 5Kg, Putty catalyst 5Kg, scoops
210106002 Putty base 20Kg, Putty catalyst 20Kg, scoops
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