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Scannable A-Silicones


BONASCAN Mono is a scannable medium viscosity vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) impression material especially designed for single impressions with the monophase technique. It is ideal for dentists who prefer traditional impression methods but who want to take advantage of the benefits of digital technology. The high elastic recovery of BONASCAN Mono in combination with its extra hydrophilicity ensures maximum accuracy for the impression.

ISO 4823 / ADA No.19, Type 2 – medium bodied consistency


Single step impression technique

Double step impression technique

Crown/bridge work

Inlay and onlay impressions

Functional impressions

Characteristics - Advantages

Optically optimized scans

Highly precision images because of powder free direct scanning

Traditional impression techniques

Process optimization (elimination of model pouring)

Careful and magnified evaluation of the impression

Increased efficiency in the collaboration with the laboratory

Immediate feedback from the laboratory or specialist

Technical Data

Ratio (base: catalyst) 1:1 1:1 5:1
Total working time 1'00" 2'00" 1'30"
Time in mouth 2'00" 2'30" 3'00"
Total setting time 3'00" 4'30" 4'30"
Setting description Fast Regular ---
Shore A hardness     60
Strain in compression (%)     3 - 5
Recovery from deformation (%)     >99.5
Linear dimensional change (%)     <0.2
Tear strength (N/mm)     >6.0
Colour     Purple
Item No. Product Description
210123380 Cartridge 380ml, mixers, o-ring
210123030 Cartridge 380ml x 2, o-ring
210123010 Cartridge 50ml x 2, mixing tips-RS
210123010F Cartridge 50ml x 2, mixing tips-FS
210123020 Cartridge 50ml x 4 – RS
210123020F Cartridge 50ml x 4 – FS
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