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Amalgam Filling Materials


MARVALLOY is a high copper dental silver alloy consisting of a constant ratio of spherical and lathe cut particles. As a result of this, great handling characteristics are obtained. Its high early strength together with its low static creep value lowers the risk of marginal fracture and assures long-lasting marginal integrity. It does not contain zinc thus eliminating problems due to moisture and avoids the corrosive gamma-2 (γ-2) phase. Tin dissolves in mercury and is preferentially bound to copper thus forming Cu6Sn5 which inhibits formation of the corrosive gamma -2 phase (Sn8Hg).

Chemical Composition

Silver (Ag) 43%, Tin (Sn) 31.5%, Copper (Cu) 25.5%

Particle Shape-Spherical /Lathe cut

Ratio – Alloy : Hg = 1 : 0.99


Posterior restorations

Characteristics - Advantages

Excellent condensability

Smooth carving

High resistance to wear

Long lasting restoration

Economical restorative

Technical Data

Compressive strength 1 hour (MPa) 235
Compressive strength 24 hour (MPa) 450
Static creep (%) 0.10
Dimensional change (%) 0.012
Working time 4'30"- 5'00"
Trituration time - Silamat mixer 12"
Item No. Product Description Item No. Product Description
  Marvalloy Powder   Marvalloy Capsules
100110003 30g 100111005 No.1 x 50
100110005 50g 100112005 No.2 x 50
100110010 100g 100113005 No.3 x 50
100110025 250g 100111050 No.1 x 500
100110050 500g 100112050 No.2 x 500
    100113050 No.3 x 500

Capsule caps are colour coded to distinguish easily the spill sizes

Single Spill / No 1 - Yellow

Double Spill / No 2 - Orange

Triple Spill / No 3 - Red

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